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What is BioHub?

The goal of the BioHub database project is twofold. The first is to provide our biologists with a tool that allows them to ask questions of very different kinds of large-scale biological data which are tied together based on their spatial relationship to a gene or DNA sequence feature in one or more genomes. The computational goal is to make a rich API (Application Programming Interface) to allow computer scientists to easily write custom largescale analysis programs, which can then be turned into web application or other GUI to allow for easy to use large-scale analysis.

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BioHub at SciPy 2006 - 2006Aug17

BioHub is being presented at SciPy 2006. To view the presentation in s5 format, click here. One goal we currently have with BioHub is to make a dump of an existing BioHub database and provide code to load this example data (genomes + gene annotations) into a local copy of BioHub. Assuming no other interuptions. The example data should be available by Sept. 2nd, 2006.

LGPL Release of BioHub - 2006July13

BioHub released under LGPL (Open Source). Currently using BioHub requires checking it out from svn. In the future, we will make stable releases.