Cho Example Data

CompClustTk uses example data collected from Cho et. al., 1998. Breifly they synchronized yeast cells using a CDC28 temperature sensitive mutant. After releasing the yeast cells from arrest they colllecte RNA from the cells every 10 minuetes as the cells underwent two rounds of cell division. Using affymetrix arrays they assayed the gene expression profile of every gene in yeast during this experiment [Cho et al., 1998]. The resulting gene expression matrix has roughly 6000 genes by 17 time points. We provide a subset of this matrix which includes a total of 380 genes that were both selected by the authors to exhibit cell cycle dependency and meet a minimal noise threshold [Hart and Wold, 2004]. Hart et. al. 2004 provides a introduction and theoretical basis for these tools and also provides a case study highlighted the types of biological insights that can be gleened from analysis simular to those described here.

Brandon King 2004-05-13