CompClust provides utilities designed around the needs of biologists to mine microarray data generally. Specifically CompClust focuses on gaining a more quantitative and qualitative understanding of clustering results and the relationships between them. Initially the software has been developed as a set of python modules suited particular well for use both interactively from with in the python interpreter or to write analysis scripts. The generality of these modules has proved to be useful in many applications within our lab for bioinformatics and genomic analysis. Although the most powerful and flexible way to use CompClust is directly via the python command line interface we have constructed CompClustTK as a more familiar graphical user interface (GUI) to many of the most useful analysis tools. CompClustTK focuses on the analysis tools for comparative cluster analysis as described in [].

This tutorial is for CompClustTK specifically. Other tutorials and documentation have been written as an introduction to using CompClust via the python interpreter directly.

Brandon King 2004-05-13