CompClust Background

CompClust is a Python package written using the pyMLX and IPlot APIs. It provides software tools to explore and quantify relationships between clustering results. Its development has been largely built around requirements for microarray data analysis, but can be easily used for other types of biological array data and that of other scientific domains.

Briefly, pyMLX provides efficient and convenient execution of many clustering algorithms using an extendable library of algorithms. It also provides many-to-many linkages between data features and annotations (such as cluster labels, gene names, gene ontology information, etc.) These linkages persistent through user data manipulation. IPlot provides an abstraction of the plotting process in which any arbitrary feature or derived feature of the data can be projected onto any feature of the plot, including the X,Y coordinates of points, marker symbol, marker size, marker/line color, etc. These plots are intrinsically linked to the dataset, the View and the Labeling classes found within pyMLX.

Brandon King 2005-05-16