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Installing CompClust on Debian Linux

Welcome to CompClust! Hopefully this document should make it reasonably clear how to install the CompClust Python package on a Debian Linux system. We presently have an early Debian package available for testing. You might also consider following these fairly straightforward instructions for installing CompClust from the source distribution.


CompClust is written in Python and uses and requires Python modules.

Debian Linux Install

An early test debian package is available in this directory.

Here is an list of the packages that CompClust depends on:

   apt-get install python python-numpy python-numpy-ext ipython \
                   python-scientific python-pyrex python-stats python-tk \
                   python-pyrex python-dev python-profiler python-imaging \
                   python-imaging-tk python-rpy quixote python-simpletal \
                   gcc g++ libc6-dev tk8.4-dev

Algorithm Installation

Because of licensing issues we can't distribute the source to the command line c code that we use.

We provide binaries for our EM and KMeans clustering algorithms, in the debian package.

Included with that binary package is also a modified version of wmatch which was originally from ftp://dimacs.rutgers.edu/pub/netflow/matching/weighted/solver-1

It didn't seems to include a copy right so it appears we can redistribute it.

There are two packages that we can't redistribute.

Also we used a modified version of XCluster which was based on the Gavin Sherlock's implementation. http://genetics.stanford.edu/~sherlock/cluster.html

For Xcluster you'll need to follow their build instructions.

We used the matlab dependent SOM toolbox from the Helsinki University of Technology for our SOM implementation. http://www.cis.hut.fi/projects/somtoolbox/

For the algorithms we don't provide you will need to set environment variables to tell compclust where to find them. For instance the variable XCLUST_COMMAND is used by the XClust wrapper to locate the binary.

  Wrapper    Required Environment variables

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