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CompClust is a python package written using the pyMLX and IPlot APIs. It provides software tools to explore and quantify relationships between clustering results. Its development has been largely built around needs of microarray data analysis but could be easily used in other domains.

Briefly pyMLX provides for efficient and convenient execution of many clustering algorithms using a extendable library of algorithms. It also provides many-to-many linkages between data features and annotations (such as cluster labels, gene names, gene ontology information, etc.) These linkages persist through varied data manipulations. IPlot provides an abstraction of the plotting process in which any arbitrary feature or derived feature of the data can be projected onto any feature of the plot, including the X,Y coordinates of points, marker symbol, marker size, maker/line color, etc. These plots are intrinsically linked to the dataset, the View and the Labeling classes found within pyMLX.

CompClust is currently available in two forms and soon we will be adding an additional form.

  • CompClust Python Package - Described above.
  • CompClustTk - A GUI for providing a fully interactive environment for loading, clustering and visualizing integrated bioinformatics datasets. This package is built on top of the CompClust python package, and is designed to make it easy for a biologist to easily begin to use CompClust. It doesn't expose all of CompClust's advanced features, but it is a good starting point for someone who is new to CompClust. Easy to use installer available for Windows.
  • CompClustWeb - Inspired by CompClustTk, but designed as web application so individual users don't have to go through the process of installing a local client. It should be useable by anyone who has a modern web browser. Coming Soon

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