Construct a PCAGinsu object

There are two different types of PCAGinsu objects that one can instantiate, one defined in compClust.iplot package (See iplot import command in section 2.1) will create interactive plots using the IPlot API (which can be rendered in either Tk or static plots (for web pages)).

Alternatively there is also pcaGinsuVisualizeMatplotlib from the compClust.mlx.pcaGinsu module, which will render static plots with just matplotlib. pcaGinsuVisualizeMatplotlib does have one extra batch processing function which can iterate over all of the principal components and create all the available PCAGinsu analysis output for each component.

For either version of PCAGinsu we need to pass in which dataset we want to analyze. One of the more common optional parameters is how many outliers we want to include in the analysis.

Brandon King 2005-07-29