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While the getOutputForPCNOutliers looks for interesting patterns along the rows of a dataset the getOutputForSigGroups looks along columns. Unfortunately the yeast cell cycling dataset is not really one of the better examples of this feature, but its other advantages (being small and published) make up for this lack.

pcaginsu.getOutputForSigGroups(1, ['times'])

PC-1 10-outlier Up/Flat/Down Columns times
up 7 h
up 8 h
up 6 h
up 15 h
up 16 h
up 14 h
up 5 h
flat 13 h
down 4 h
flat 0 h
down 9 h
down 12 h
down 10 h
down 11 h
down 3 h
down 1 h
down 2 h

If one looks carefully one can start to see hints of the cell cycle that was captured by this output, that the sequences 5,6,7,8 and 14,15,16 are all "up" while 1,2,3 and 9,10,11,12 are "down" highlights the cyclic nature of the cell cycle.

Brandon King 2005-07-29