Import the necessary software

The first step is to start a Python shell and within it, import the necessary Python packages. If one is using the windows compclust-shell program, this step has already been done for you; however it is perfectly acceptable to re-import the same modules.

## compClust modules
from compClust.mlx import datasets 
from compClust.mlx import labelings 
from compClust.mlx import views 
from compClust.mlx import wrapper
from compClust.mlx import pcaGinzu
from compClust.mlx import pcaGinzuScoring
from compClust.iplot import IPlotTk as IPlot
from compClust.util import LoadExample
from compClust.config import config

## Useful standard python modules
import os

If you encounter an error executing these commands, your Python environment may not have access to all of the necessary Python packages. In CompClustShell this should not happen. Using a normal Python shell, it's possible that you have not properly set your Python path shell varible PYTHONPATH properly, or that you have not installed all of the Python extensions on which CompClust depends.

Joe Roden 2005-12-13