2010-10-18 Diane TroutUpdate mussa to build on ubuntu 10.04 with qt 4.6.2... master
2009-11-24 Diane TroutRemove prototype boost serialiation code.
2009-11-18 Diane TroutFix the new analysis dialog so it starts at a good...
2009-11-18 Brandon KingNeed boost system for Python build in Boost 1.40.
2009-11-17 Brandon KingApparently I lost a } in a Mac OS X specific section...
2009-11-17 Brandon KingExpanded the Table of Contents to a more useful default...
2009-11-17 Brandon KingWindows Installer updated for Mussa 1.1.0:
2009-11-17 Brandon KingUpdated the QAssistant launching code for Qt 4.5 (At...
2009-11-16 Brandon KingSome minor corrections which fixed the problem with...
2009-11-16 Brandon KingQt Assistant document format changed from previous...
2009-11-10 Diane TroutUse macports default location of Qt4 instead of my...
2009-11-10 Diane TroutUpdate mussa build scripts to work with Boost 1.40...
2008-04-11 Diane TroutFix a case sensitivity include
2008-04-11 Diane TroutI wish I'd stop cutting-n-pasting the name of the class...
2008-04-11 Diane TroutExtend the python mussa interface.
2008-04-11 Diane Troutto make it easier to build under os x 10.5, stop making...
2008-04-11 Diane TroutsetHeight should have been declaired void instead of...
2008-02-21 Diane Troutfix case sensitivity in py/sequencebrowserwidget.cpp...
2008-02-15 Diane TroutSwitch to a new FindBoost
2007-09-07 Diane Troutminimally wrap drawable
2007-09-06 Diane Troutattach annotations property to seq_span
2007-09-06 Diane Troutmake annotations sequenceable from python
2007-09-05 Diane Troutbasic wrapping of Annotations
2007-09-04 Diane Troutmore work on seq_span
2007-08-30 Diane Trouttranslate KeyError too
2007-08-29 Diane TroutStart wrapping seq_span
2007-08-25 Diane Troutadd prototype wrapping of the qt sequence browser
2007-08-17 Diane Troutcheck for per python version libboost_python library
2008-01-29 Diane TroutBoost unit test 1.34.1 needs an extra define
2007-10-19 Brandon KingProperites -> Properties spelling err fix.
2007-08-10 Brandon KingHACKISH: Display chipseq peak window track
2007-08-03 Diane Troutremove excess cout call
2007-08-03 Diane Troutmake the mupa parser more robust
2007-08-03 Diane Troutadd threshold/window flag getter/setters
2007-08-03 Diane Troutminor updates to mussa setup widget
2007-08-03 Diane Troutupdate to 4.2.3
2007-06-29 Diane TroutUse the right return type
2007-01-05 Diane Trouttest paircomp::NwayComparison
2007-06-23 Diane TroutCatch annotation sequences that don't end with newline
2007-06-21 Diane Trouttest annotating a sequence with fasta records in a...
2007-05-22 Brandon KingFindBoost.cmake boost 1.34 Windows mingw patch
2007-05-22 Diane Trouttry to update for boost 1.34
2007-05-02 Diane Troutfactor out viewport to display scaling functions
2007-04-26 Diane Troutsimplify zoom code
2007-04-26 Diane Troutaccept and ignore events
2007-04-12 Brandon KingPyQt compatible Python wrapping using SIP
2007-04-23 Brandon KingMouse scroll wheel zooming! =o)
2007-04-21 Diane Troutdont draw sequence box when we can see sequence text
2007-04-20 Brandon King * New line chars at EOF (missed one)
2007-04-20 Brandon KingNew line chars at EOF.
2007-04-20 Brandon KingLoad saved muway and set to muways soft threshold.
2007-04-19 Diane Troutimprove mupa comment character parsing
2007-04-19 Diane Troutmake mupa file loading eol-style insensitive
2007-04-18 Brandon KingLoad N sequences in Mussa::load
2007-04-16 Diane Troutescape clears a sequence browser selection
2007-04-14 Diane Troutdraw a grey background to a track
2007-04-14 Diane Troutstore default colors
2007-04-13 Diane Troutset annotation draw function by type
2007-04-13 Diane TroutMark real sequence instead of Ns
2007-04-11 Diane Troutmake the N whiteout a bit bigger
2007-04-11 Diane Troutshow where the Ns are
2007-04-09 Diane Troutremove unncessary class qualifier
2007-04-09 Diane Troutadd function for marking 'N' regions
2007-04-09 Diane Troutadd draw function pointer to drawable
2007-04-06 Diane Troutremove annot class in favor of SeqSpan
2007-04-06 Diane TroutAdd getdefault to Annotations
2007-04-04 Diane Troutfix uninitialized pointer
2007-04-03 Diane Troutfix problems with motif changes not showing up in seque...
2007-04-03 Diane Troutdelete default layout in MotifEditor
2007-04-02 Diane Trouttest motif editor pointers
2007-03-31 Diane Trouttest motif editor
2007-03-31 Diane Trouttest MotifModel and MotifElement
2007-03-30 Diane Troutseperate qt unittests into subdirectories
2007-03-30 Diane Troutincorporate drawable and annotations
2007-03-30 Diane Troutcreate class to hold drawing information
2007-03-30 Diane Troutcreate a metadata holding class
2007-03-27 Diane TroutHandle subseq when the parent is on the minus strand
2007-03-24 Diane Troutmove strand into seqspan
2007-03-21 Diane TroutMissed part of "Store Sequence sequence location in...
2007-03-21 Diane TroutMove alphabet type into SeqString
2007-03-20 Diane TroutStore Sequence sequence location in a shared_ptr class
2007-03-08 Diane Troutmake sure paths continue to start with a /
2007-03-08 Diane Troutadd a useful comment
2007-03-03 Brandon KingSub-analysis failure to draw on init fix (ticket:254)
2007-03-03 Brandon KingSave to image crash fix (ticket:251)
2007-02-26 Diane Troutmupa for test case
2007-02-23 Diane Troutcmake was trying to link -loptimized
2007-02-23 Brandon KingMussagl version increased to 1.1.0
2007-02-21 Brandon KingWhatsThis update 2
2007-02-21 Brandon KingWhatsThis update
2007-02-21 Brandon KingAdded Qt version to Mussagl about box.
2007-02-21 Diane Troutkeep motifs after closing window
2007-02-20 Diane Troutmore error messages for loading an annotation.
2007-02-15 Diane Troutignore paircomp
2007-02-14 Brandon KingAdded newline char at end of file to remove gcc warning
2007-02-14 Brandon KingAdded newline char at end of file to remove gcc warning
2007-02-14 Brandon KingAdded new line at end of file to remove gcc warning
2007-02-14 Brandon KingAdded newline char to end of line (remove compile warning)
2007-02-13 Diane TroutIsFileValidator doesn't use signal/slots
2007-02-03 Diane Troutdetect 64bit processors and add -fPIC