CompClustWeb Principal Components Analysis of GNF and Diabetes Data

You can explore the current release of CompClustWeb with the analyzed datasets pre-loaded. This permits you to browse each of a dataset's principal component extreme gene (PCEG) sets in interactive plots (PCA projection plots and trajectory plots), and in lists of extreme genes the corresponding reordered condition lists.

(Note please don't bookmark pages in the demo- the servers hosting the demo may change.)

Note: 2007 Mar 28: The demo sites are back up, though the web interface hasn't been well tested with the port from Numeric to NumPy.

If there's a problem send an email to user@domain, where user = diane, and domain = and we'll try to fix it soon.

CompClustWeb Analysis of GNF Data

CompClustWeb Analysis of Diabetes Data

See the publication page for supplemental info.