Some quick notes about the using the conference room equipment

For the hudson alpha encode conference call, the phone number is programmed into the PolyCom.

  1. Press the Phone Book menu button
  2. Select the encode entry
  3. Entire 0431# for the conference number

To use iChat.

  1. Make sure the long VGA cable running from the mac mini on the shelf near the screen is plugged into the projector
  2. Turn on the projector
  3. Try either the white mac wireless mouse
    1. To turn the mac mouse on, flip it over and open the cover over the laser.
    2. (To save battery when done, turn the mouse back off by flipping the cover back)
  4. if the white mouse isn't working there's 2 mice on top of the black computer, one of which is plugged into the mini.
  5. Press the mouse until the mini turns on.
  6. iChat should automatically start up and say "online" or something
  7. If it doesn't someone probably unplugged the ethernet cable.
    1. There should be a long blue cable going from under the desk into an 8 port ethernet switch.
    2. There should be a shorter cable going from the ethernet switch to the mini.
    3. Also the lights on the switch should be on, so check to make sure the power is plugged in to the switch.
  8. Once you have an internet connection, you should be able to accept the invitation or click on the camera icon to invite someone to a video chat.